Linnaea’s Cafe, SLO


Linnaea’s Cafe doesn’t look very big from the outside — in fact, it looks rather small when you’re standing out on the street. But when you walk in it feels like you’re home. The employees greet you warmly and take your order with a smile.

The restaurant extends backwards through two rooms of classic style decorations of antique lamps, a bookcase overflowing with books, walls covered in colorful local artwork, and a piano.

The inside rooms expands toward an outdoor patio, complete with a vine covered trellis, cheerfully decorate tables, and a fish pond. If you come here at night the string lights on the trellis twinkle and light up like magic. It’s a cozy, artsy and bohemian space to let cultivate your creativity.

I’m inside by the piano eating a waffle with fruit, and theres a man across from me sketching an incredible portrait of a woman with strikingly sharp features. To my right is a woman filling in the pages of an adult coloring book. Around me sit a combination of studying college students and adults taping away at their laptops and sipping the local cafe’s beautifully decorated lattes.

As they enjoy the vegetarian, organic and fair trade food and drinks, soft alternative music fills in the background noise completing the cafe’s sense of relaxed ambiance.

Linnaea’s cafe has been a local favorite since 1984, offering the look of a home and the feel of a relaxing Sunday morning for anyone seeking an escape from a busy city environment. Linnea’s hosts live music, storytelling, and artist receptions, for no cover charge and is a space for finding community.

I enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, and the food and drink do not disappoint. The cafe offers free wifi for customers and accepts all major credit cards.

It’s the kind of place where once you’ve established yourself as a regular, they learn your name and start making what you usually order as soon as you walk in, offering up extra whipped cream or a second espresso shot for no extra charge.

An amazing selection of hot teas and special syrups adorn the walls — someone could visit Linnaea’s every day for months and never run out of new drink combinations to try.

Linnaea’s Cafe is located at 1110 Garden street, San Luis Obispo, CA and currently open M-W 6:30am-9:30pm  |  Th-F 6:30am-10:00pm Sat 7:00am-10:00pm  |  Sun 7:00am-9:30pm

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