High Street Deli: a SLOcal Legend, SLO


High Street Deli is a local San Luis Obispo legend. This sandwich shop is located smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood off of High Street, and features a funky hippy vibe with retro decor.

The shop has an incredible history- serving SLO for almost 100 years. Built in 1927 the market originally sold milk, cigarettes, and deli sandwiches to workers in the railroad district of town. Now, it remains SLO’s most authentic sandwich joint.


High Street is a SLO favorite because it has proven over time to keep its quirky character intact. The famous 4:20 daily special yields a $6.99 sando from 4:20pm until closing at 5:30, and the student deal on Tuesday gives Poly and Cuesta students with a valid school ID card the chance to grab a sando for only $6.99, as well. Every time I’ve eaten at High Street it’s been ridiculously busy- but the service is fast and and the employees are friendly.

Pro tip: If you’re seeking your sando on signature dutch crunch bread (which is THE best) go earlier in the day as the shop WILL run out and may not ask you what you want as a replacement… they’ll just sub it with a french roll- *sad face.* In addition to unparalleled sandos High Street offers patrons beer on draft and locally brewed kombucha on tap.


The deli is planted in a historically residential area off High Street which means free street parking (just be respectful of the residents) so you can take as much time as you please to enjoy your sandwich (not that it will stand to last very long, anyway). The side patio is a great place for hanging out with your sando-loving friends during the warm SLO weather to appreciate the unique vibes of the SLOcals, students, and tourists alike.

Also… If you do like surprises, request for your sando to be made “stoney” style and you’ll get a surprise mouthful of whatever the sandwich crafters were feeling would be a good addition to your sandwich (Don’t worry- they know what they’re doing. Anything from avocado to sprouts is fair game, and nothing’s off limits when you make it stoney!).

High Street Deli is open from 9am-5:50pm daily- and the menu can be found here.  

Check ’em out!

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2 thoughts on “High Street Deli: a SLOcal Legend, SLO

  1. Dave Shallenberger May 8, 2018 — 6:46 am

    Great article—thank you! I grew up in SLO, but now live in Dallas, so I love reading your blog to see what’s going on in my hometown lately, as well as bring back good memories. Cool photos and really well-written. Thank you Molly.

    1. Thank you, Dave! I’m so glad to be able to share my experience here in SLO with everyone, and it means so much to me that you appreciate my posts. Best, Molly

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