Flour House, SLO

Me and my happy hour Margherita pizza and cocktail

Flour House in downtown San Luis Obispo is an Italian restaurant which puts passion and authenticity into creating their cuisine, because they believe that food is a connecting human experience to be shared with others.

The restaurant boasts a heated outdoor patio bar with views of Higuera Street for people watching while you enjoy your delicious Italian food, as well as a lavishly decorated interior and heated creekside patio in back.


They specialize in “Pizza Napoletana” which is a strictly mandated heritage style of cooking so cherished, that it’s guarded by Italian law… And this style holds true to being guarded, because the pizzas at Flour House are out of this world. The dough and pasta is all hand made in house with imported Italian flour.

The Stefano Ferrara oven in which the pizzas are cooked have been handcrafted by the same family for nearly one hundred years in Naples, Italy and can reach temperatures up to 1,000°F to bake the softest and most flavorful dough for pizzas.


They’re consistently changing their menu depending on current culinary inspiration, but *HAPPY HOUR ALERT!* their deal of $5 Margherita Pizzas and $5 glasses of wine from 4-6pm at the Flour House is one which cannot be missed.

This place puts their heart and soul into their food, and you can certainly taste that secret ingredient in every dish, one that you can’t buy at the store: love. So give your tastebuds a treat and visit Flour House in downtown SLO for some truly authentic Italian food.

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