Week 8: Tackling the true definition of “Entry Level” with the support of the Library Bar and LiteratiCafe #Knowledge


Real talk corner: Moving to LA has been an amazing adventure but I’m not going to lie and pretend that it’s been easy. It’s been one of the hardest transitions I’ve ever faced.
I’ve been looking for the right job for about two months now, which I know in the long run won’t seem like a long THAT long, but it’s been extremely challenging because I knew NOBODY here in Los Angeles when I got here. I had no network of people I met in college who live here and can help me find an internship or a job. I’ve connected with hundreds of people on LinkedIn that I’ve never met before trying to catch a break. I’ve spent the last two months going out to coffee with some of the most considerate people and fellow Cal Poly alumni who have taken time out of their lives to help a young person try to make a name for them-self in a city where they are one in millions… and for that I am so grateful. But its been two of the most frustrating, failing, and anxiety inducing months of my life.


I’m grateful to live in a place with so much opportunity and I have been trying to make the best of the seemingly endless rejections (sometimes up to two a day, or on a Saturday) in a place where there are a lot of ways to appreciate other parts of living life on this earth besides what seems to be what we let define us as people: our career.
With that being said enjoy my adventures for this week but know that I spend the majority of the day on my computer using LinkedIn and emailing people for a chance to connect and hope they’ll give me a chance to explain that I know how to do much more than what’s present on my resume despite my status of being a recent graduate.

Monday and Tuesday I had a couple interviews and spent the rest of my time exploring the endless opportunities to enjoy espresso shops and the sand.

Wednesday I met Conner in Santa Monica for happy hour at The Independence and enjoyed a glass of crisp rosé before heading out to the Twilight on the Pier concert series in Santa Monica. It was “reggae” themed night complete with a funky band on the pier, and lots of samples of kombucha, tortilla chips, and more!

Thursday I met with my LA Theta alumni book club and we discussed our September book of the month: Manhattan Beach. We met at The LiteratiCafe and I ordered really good lychee tea. It has been a great way to meet other women who enjoy books and that were members of my sorority at one point and time, all over the nation.

Friday I met with a girl from an ad agency that I’m interested in, at the Bergamot Cafe in Santa Monica. Bergamot is an internationally known eclectic art gallery complex, featuring numerous types of galleries and other creative businesses. It’s a really cool space with a lot of culture that I highly recommend checking out if you’re interested in art!

On Friday evening, one of my bestest friends from high school graced me with her presence in Los Angeles. Victoria was visiting Long Beach for work and drove up to LA for the afternoon so that we could spend some time together! Naturally, we went to Mama Shelter in Hollywood for happy hour sangria.

Afterwards, we watched the sunset over the iconically famous California road trip destination: Mulholland Drive. How romantic. 😉


After sundown, Conner, our friend Michael and I went to explore the sunset strip in Hollywood and experienced the diverse nightlife scene and its Walk of Fame. 

Saturday  Conner and I went on an insanely challenging hike in Topanga State Park called the Parker Mesa Overlook Trail, where the last two miles were literally straight downhill at a 45% grade… but with gorgeous views that in my opinion made it worth it. 😉

That night I met up with another dear friend from college whose boyfriend was in Conner’s fraternity at Cal Poly and WOW just happens to live at our apartment complex… We went to Library Bar downtown (it actually is really close to the DTLA LA central  library…) and enjoyed some “literary themed “cocktail drinks.

So much knowledge. About cocktails.

Sunday Conner and I had brunch at Neighbor in Venice Beach. Brunch probably my favorite part about living in LA. Besides the cocktail bars. And the coffee shops. Jk I love it ALL. I got the Buttermilk Pancakes which were adorned with blueberries, walnuts, coffee butter, and LOTS of maple syrup. I wasn’t hungry again until like, 7pm.


This week I was lucky enough to visit with a friend from high school, a friend from college, and meet new friends at a LA Theta alumni book club meeting. I’m so lucky to always feel like I’m surrounded by so many amazing people from past and present here in LA even if I’m a newbie to town.

Now, onto next week, where the interviews, food market explorations, and adventures of learning how to be an Angeleno (which is apparently an officially dictionary defined term, google it!) continue.


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