The Los Angeles Flower District, DTLA

Did you know that just like the flowers inside it, The Original Los Angeles Flower Market in DTLA gets its energy from the sun? It’s solar powered! Just like flowers…

This weekend I paid a visit to the The Los Angeles Flower District, which includes The Original Los Angeles Flower Market, The Southern California Flower Market and additional independent Wall Street Vendors with approximately 200 adjacent wholesale and retail floral businesses, shops, malls and marts within the surrounding six-block area. This district has grown through a fascinating and vibrantly colorful historyblooming for almost 100 years.

The area known as the Los Angeles Flower District is located between 7th and 8th streets downtown on Wall street- its 50 member/vendors offer 125+ different varieties of cut flowers, plus an impressive collection of foliage and floral accessories including vases and decor. Since its establishment in 1921, it has grown to become the single largest and most successful wholesale floral district in the entire United States.

There are dozens of nearby independent vendors and flower ships located in the area surrounding these outposts, but most of these stores are not enrolled, “badge- holding” members of the official Los Angeles Flower District. The city encourages visitors to stay within the businesses that pay to hold memberships within The Original Los Angeles Flower Market and The Southern California Flower Market, to maintain the integrity of official business.

But not to worry- even staying within the boundaries of the official vendors, you’ll have a full meadow of choices. The district currently encompasses an expansive five-acre area including a 55,000 sq. ft. main sales floor, plus dozens of member merchants that lease space in surrounding facilities.This expansive indoor floral marketplace is open to both trade professionals and the general public- and sells flowers available from growers all over the globe.

There are a few key insider tips you should know before visiting The Original Los Angeles Flower Market in downtown Los Angeles:

The market is open Monday through Saturday—to both the trade and general public—and closed Sunday. It’s open to the general public Mon/Wed/Fri 8am-12pm Tues/Thurs 6am-2pm and Saturday 6am-2pm.

“Trade only” hours means that in order to shop during this time, that you must have a business member license. Selected times have been designated to professionals in the floral industry.

BRING CASH! It’s $2 general entry Mon-Fri and $1 on Saturday. I would HIGHLY recommend arriving early if you go on a Saturday, because the crowd only increases in size as day goes on.

If you’re going to buy an excessive amount of flowers (THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST) bring something to carry them in as you’ll quickly run out of arm room.

The market sells a variety of succulents, houseplants and floral accessories in addition to the perishable floral options. This means you can buy the cactus you’ve been pining after for ages but needed some motivation to finally “plant roots” for and “take the leaf” in buying.

Take your time and wander around the space before committing to making a purchase. There are SO MANY different types of plants that you’ll want to make sure you’ve played the flower field before making your final “pick.”

The market’s selection does depend on what’s in season- even though it offers an enormous variety of flowers try to do your research on what’s available and what you know you can be looking for before you go.

Downtown LA- what does that mean for PARKING?! Guests can park on the secure rooftop parking structure or in one of the several parking lots surrounding the market. A limited amount of metered street parking is also available.

To see a full map of the Flower Market and its vendors, click here.

The Los Angeles Flower District is located on 754 Wall Street (between 7th & 8th streets) Los Angeles, CA 90014 and open to the general public Mon/Wed/Fri 8am-12pm Tues/Thurs 6am-2pm and Saturday 6am-2pm. Sorry (not sorry) for all the plant puns.

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