Road Runners: 4 Miles From Shutters on the Beach to the Santa Monica Pier and Boardwalk

[Road Runners is a column that sits alongside Metropolitan Molly’s “The Suite Life” offering weekend warriors the opportunity to explore the local area in the most immersive way possible — on foot! After spending the night at a fabulous hotel and indulging in the sweeter things in life, Road Runners gets you back on “track” offering a a tried and tested verified running route that’s just 5 miles or less.]

This out-and-back route starts at Shutters on the Beach in sunny Santa Monica, California, turns around at the Annenberg Community Beach House, and ends back at Shutters. It’s an oceanside run with unending views of the iconic Santa Monica pier and the sands of one of California’s most famous coastal beaches.

I’m not saying I’m a FAST runner, and you don’t have to be (honestly you don’t even have to run, skip, gallop, or walk if you want to…) — but this 4 mile route along the boardwalk in Santa Monica isn’t necessarily a run you’ll want to blindly power through. The views will most likely be distracting enough to tempt you to stop more than a few times.

A screenshot from my Apple Watch of my route

Lace Up!

  • Begin the route at Shutters on the Beach, located at 1 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405.
  • Turn left, running along the boardwalk toward the pier, and continue north (0.2 miles).
  • Pass underneath the pier, and along Santa Monica State Beach (0.4 miles).
  • Continue along the boardwalk, and enjoy the sounds of the PCH traffic (0.6 miles).
Courtesy of LOCALE
  • These multi-story homes along the PCH include the famous pink and purple “barbie house” (0.7 miles).
  • Turn around at Back on the Beach Cafe outside the Annenberg Community Beach House (1.8 miles).
  • Run out toward the end of the pier, being careful not to trip on the uneven surfaces and making ample stops for photo opps at Pacific Park and the end of Route 66 (3.5 miles).
  • Seriously, lots of photo opps…

Head back toward Shutters, and make sure to check out these enormous adirondack chairs across from the property because they’re cool looking. Revel in your accomplishment (4.0).


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