The Suite Life: The InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

One of the most truly breathtaking overnight stay experiences I’ve had the chance to enjoy was at the InterContinental in downtown Los Angeles. Ironically, I used to live right across the street — genuinely about 100 yards away from the front doors of this hotel — so I’m very VERY familiar with the area. Before staying overnight I had been able to visit the property’s rooftop deck Spire 73, and the lobby bar — but to have the opportunity to experience the property in full was truly delightful. I genuinely did not want to leave.

When I lived downtown, Redbull did a stunt using the building, and all of 7th Street was shut down

The InterContinental is the tallest building west of Chicago, rising 73 stories high at 1,100 feet above street level with an architectural design inspired by Yosemite’s Half Dome. It’s spacious, sleek, clean and modern. This property offers 900 hotel rooms — ample space for allowing safe social distancing. It’s right on the edge of downtown LA, across the street from the shopping center Fig at 7th which can satisfy all of your shopping needs. 7th street is also one of the major arteries of downtown LA and a great area to explore. When you’re up in your room and looking out onto the city, it feels as if you’re a superhero, or a movie star — pure magic.

The plaza outside the building is beautiful

Upon arrival, pulling into the valet, I could tell it was going to be a very luxurious experience, because the service was friendly, and fast. Upon entering the ground-floor arrival lobby you’ll catch a glimpse of the large-scale wall art installation called “Screen” by the Korean artist Do Ho Suh. From afar it looks like a rainbow of colors and up close, you’ll see it’s made up of thousands of tiny figures that look like businessmen and women. Right now there’s ample signage for social distancing and cleanliness.

You must take an elevator to the lobby which sits sky high 70th floor, but there are no buttons on the inside (to save energy… this hotel is LEED certified and is one of the most green/efficient hotels I’ve ever visited but I’ll go into that, later). But don’t worry… you won’t waste any time getting to the top of this skyscraper — the elevators take just 40 seconds to ride to the top (so don’t be alarmed when your ears pop!).

Hotel rooms are on the 31st to 68th floors, and the floors beneath are office spaces (my full-time job’s office is actually located below. *makes joke about “living at the office”*).

When you reach the 70th floor lobby, you’ll notice another art installation: a three-story chandelier sculpture made of yellow, red, and white neon lights that is inspired by Los Angeles freeway connections — but there aren’t any traffic jams here. Just great views.

It’s a new building, in an extremely urban area, and was just completed in June of 2017. The space was designed to host events, both corporate and social, with 100,000 square feet of meeting space and modern amenities such as enough power outlets in each room to satisfy any guest’s electronic needs.

When you enter your room, you must put your key card into the wall to keep the power running. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out why I couldn’t get the coffee maker to turn on — it’s because my key wasn’t in the wall! FYI, the lights in the bathroom will turn off too if you don’t have the key card in the wall which is a challenge.

My windows showed views of greater LA for miles across, from downtown and out toward the Hollywood sign beyond toward the ocean. I can see why the brand’s slogan is all about enjoying an “elevated” perspective.

Before dinner, we enjoyed wine with a view in our room. It was fabulous. I could honestly come here and just hang out in the room the entire time, feeling like a bird on my perch watching the world of DTLA.

Then, we headed up to Spire 73 just in time for sunset, and had a delicious dinner, complete with a bottle of bubbly rose, a mezze platter, and deliciously roasted chicken and salad. Spire 73 offers 360-degree views of Los Angeles, from the highest outdoor perch in LA country. It’s amazing.

Upon returning to the room, I retired to the spacious and clean bathtub to enjoy a soak with the curated toiletries by Le Labo — and they had our names on them (literally) which is brilliant, because of course we wanted to take them home and they didn’t go to waste. Well done, InterContinental, for creating such a unique way to encourage a green initiative like bringing your toiletries home.

There was also the softest robe I’ve ever felt in my life, and when I got into bed, I’m completely serious when I say that this bed was one of the most enormous and comfortable beds I’ve slept in.

When I woke up, I enjoyed another benefit of staying onsite — getting to use the 11,000 square foot, expansive Attitude Fitness Center and rooftop swim deck and hot tub area.

There’s poolside food and beverage service and cabanas for rent, as well as a firepit to gather round when the temperatures drop below 70 in LA, which does happen… The pool bar is called “No Dive Bar,” and decorated like a retro trip to a 1950’s beach escape with bright pops of blue and white stripes.

After enjoying all of the amazing and unique benefits of staying at this spectacular property, it’s no surprise that I wanted to stay longer. Next time, I’ll just have to make sure to book a two-night stay instead of just a single night stay-cation!

Check out the rest of the details on The InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown on their website, here.


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