The Suite Life: Blue Lantern Inn, Dana Point, CA

Blue Lantern Inn in Dana Point, California offers guests the coziest and most relaxing bed breakfast experience within the quaintest seaside town within Orange County.

This property is part of the Four Sisters Inns hospitality group, as well as a CABBI member (California Association Of Bed & Breakfast Inns) — so based on those certifications, you know as soon as you make your reservation that it’s going to be an enjoyable and high-quality experience.

The inn is perched up on a hill overlooking Dana Point’s iconic “Baby Beach,” and the Dana Point Harbor — which creates the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful scenic region paired with an especially iconic sunset.

This property was built back in 1990 by Four Sisters founder, Shelley Post with careful attention to each detail that went into its design and construction. The love she devoted within creating this inn certainly still shows on-site, today.

It features a New England-style ambience, in which guests can soak up the ocean views from essentially any room in the building as well as out on the spacious patio.

The intimate touches that come with staying at this beloved boutique B&B property are most definitely prominent during your overnight stay. It feels like an escape from the urban chaos of the nearby cities Los Angeles and San Diego (in fact, Dana Point sits perfectly in-between these two urban centers) and is an ideal place for exploring this seaside city’s harbor, and the historic Lantern District.

Each evening, guests can look forward to indulging in the property’s signature Wine + Cheese Mini-Picnic which is packed as the cutest to-go wine and cheese to bring outside and enjoy while overlooking the ocean sunset. The best part (in my opinion) is that the picnic comes with a side of freshly baked cookies!

Before you retire to your clean and open room in the evening you’ll fill out a card which you’ll return to the desk, that lets the on-site chef know what you crave for breakfast.

After a restful night’s sleep, you’ll awaken refreshed and enjoy Blue Lantern Inn’s homemade breakfast for two — which is hand-delivered directly to the room. 

You’ll be able to choose to enjoy the signature meal they’ve prepared for that individual morning, as well as from a selection of healthy, hearty side dishes such as fruit and yogurt (and of COURSE, fresh coffee!).

Another standout feature of this property to me is how much it feels like a home (only better!) because you can’t get in without a key — so it’s extremely safe and secure.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be greeted by the friendly desk attendant, and enter into the large living space which would traditionally host guests for breakfast (as I mentioned before, right now breakfast is hand-delivered to rooms to ensure proper social distancing and safety protocols in common spaces).

The property even has a few bikes on the porch, that they offer for guests to use and explore this bike-friendly city.

Traditionally, guests are on-site for a vacation getaway, but if you’re looking for somewhere to “workation”with an incredible view, the balconies are great vantage points for soaking up the sun while you get some work done.

Overall, Blue Lantern Inn in Dana Point is a fabulous escape from busy nearby SoCal cities into this quiet and under-the-radar beach town of Orange County.


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  1. Dr Frank Ybarra April 3, 2021 — 2:58 pm

    Waiting to go back again love this place

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