Friday Reflections: What Does Being An Adult REALLY Mean?

Manhattan Beach Sunset

Tonight I had ice cream for dinner.

Don’t worry, it was Halo Top so it had 20g of protein which is like, 1/3 of my days worth of protein right there so it really did have some nutritional value to it! Right? Anyway, eating ice cream for dinner (And loving it. No regrets.) got me thinking… we have these milestones in life that are supposed to symbolize becoming all grown up like graduating high school, college, getting a career/job or getting married/starting a family (maybe all of those?), but what does being an adult really mean?

Are you an adult when you start to pay your own apartment rent?! Is it when you have a  corporate career? But then what even is a “career?” I know people who have made successful careers for themselves teaching yoga full time or by working as a part time actresses/working part time as a cycle instructor here in Los Angeles. Or your career could be just being a full time stay at home mom/dad and be just as fulfilling as being a CMO at a Fortune 500 company. There are so many different ways you can make a life for yourself. So that doesn’t really make sense… to have to have a “corporate career” to be an adult.

I think that you become a real adult when you learn how to be mature enough to take responsibility for yourself and your actions and recognize what the smart decision in any situation would be. It’s only when we can take responsibility for our decisions and our actions that we can truly grow up and be a real “adult.” Everything else along the way is just in support of the journey. So I guess it’s okay that I had ice cream for dinner as long as I balance it out by eating healthy tomorrow 😉

What do you think being an adult is? I’d love to know. Please, share a comment on my post of  your opinion and life experience! I’m sure we could all learn some kind of lesson from one another’s life experience. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 21.10.59
Ice cream cheers!

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