Week 3: Climbing Mountains and Lighting Stuff on Fire (But DEFINITELY not at the same time)

I may look like I’m in pain… and that’s because I AM…8,000+ feet and climbing! 😉

Monday: On Monday I just did more job searching, making some great connections and setting up some exciting meetings to come! Conner built the headboard for our bed frame and it doesn’t fit quite right (oops!) so we’ll have to do some work on that later. It was a mellow day.

Tuesday: I woke up and went to Bespoke and did a 7:15 cycling class then decided to switch things up and went to the SANTA MONICA PHILZ (wow!) instead of the DTLA one. So exciting. It was cool until I paid 11 dollars for parking UGH because I didn’t read the sign correctly on how much it cost per hour (it increases more and more each hour you stay… cool.). Lesson learned and back to square one on the parking thing, I guess. But it’s okay because on Tuesday night Conner and I met up with an LA hiking meetup.com group and we hiked in Griffith Park for sunset. It was so pretty! And we met some cool new people who gave us tips about living in the area including how to buy cheap concert and sports tickets.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I woke up and did my 7:15 cycling class (YAS) and then met up with a Cal Poly alumnus from an advertising agency I’m very interested in working for to grab coffee in Santa Monica at this really cool place called Elabrew. I loved being able to connect with him and ask him questions in person, about how he got to be where he is today, and reminisce with him about San Luis Obispo and what has changed at Cal Poly over the years. I’m so grateful when people take the time to meet with me and give me advice, and help my network of amazing professionals here in LA grow bigger.

On Wednesday night I had my shift working at Bespoke which was super fun and I got to meet a lot of new people since it was a different crowd for the night class. The girl I was working with was wearing a “Muderino” fan shirt which was an amazing coincidence because just this week I started to listen to the podcast “My Favorite Murder” (yes, I’m kinda messed up) which is super interesting, hilarious, entertaining, and everything else I could ask for in a podcast.

Intelligentsia, not Elabrew… but still coffee 😉

Thursday: On Thursday I tried a new yoga studio since my newbie special at the other place ran out and I’m trying to find my yoga community here in LA. I tried a place called Hot 8 which gives you a free week (which is awesome, thanks guys!!) and drove to Pasadena which is about 20 minutes north of DTLA to try out their studio. They have a bunch of studios around the area which is cool too so that if you’re somewhere else in the Greater LA area for the day you can use their membership at another studio. Then, I had a few phone interviews in the afternoon which went well. To relax in the evening, Conner and I went to the rooftop pool to watch the sun set over the city and enjoy a swim with my new favorite adult themed kombucha 😉

The REAL “good stuff.”

Friday: On Friday I went to a sculpt class at Hot 8 in Koreatown which I hadn’t explored yet. There’s so much in the LA area left to explore!! In the afternoon, I drove to a coffee shop called Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney in Venice and had an amazing phone conversation about how to improve my resume with my Theta twin, Leanna 🙂 She’s such an angel for helping me out and gave me some amazing suggestions for my resume and LinkedIn that I’m going to use for the future (check out my new LinkedIn bio if you haven’t already, it’s wayyyy more exciting now).

On Friday evening Conner and I met at the beach and Venice and watched the sun set over burritos and then did a SUPER COOL bartending class at The Association in DTLA where we lit drinks on fire and learned the history of cocktails. Like, did you know that in order for a drink to be a “cocktail” it needs three things: bitters, sugar, and booze!

Saturday: On Saturday I visited the USC Kappa Alpha Theta house while they were having recruitment. The girls were doing amazing! I hope to get involved with the chapter as an advisor to meet some new people from Theta nationwide. It’s been great having this network of people from KAO all over the nation, even though I’ve already graduated. After the visit, Conner and I drove to Hemet to visit Conner’s grandma and it was such a cute little town. It was also nice to get a break from the bustle of the city and relax for a night.

Sunday: Hemet is right outside the mountainous village of Idyllwild, and so Conner and I decided to hike Tahquitz Peak which in classic Monner (Molly+Conner) fashion turned out to be 9 miles long with 3,000 feet of elevation gain. It was a very challenging hike but absolutely amazing when we got to the top and could see the view of the entire valley below us. Shoutout to Grandma Dee for packing extra water and PB&J’s because you think we would learn to bring enough after hiking for years, but that’s what grandmas are for, right? 😉 Tastiest PB&J ever.

It was a really progressive week meeting a lot of new people from the cycling studio, various yoga studios, and using LinkedIn as a tool (with some more expertise help from Leanna) to reach out to great professional networking connections. I know that this upcoming week is going to be even better, with some more interviews coming my way! 😀

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