Week 12: I became a workin’ career woman for the “fōnuts,””crack pie,” spicy sunset margaritas, and oceanside french toast (but not necessarily in that order)


Monday and Tuesday I got ready for my new job! I went shopping for new work clothes and worked on the paperwork at my favorite coffee shop in Santa Monica soaking up the sunshine.

On Wednesday I had my first official day at my job and we went out to brunch at “Tart” (which was SUCH a cute restaurant) to discuss the position and everything that is to come! It has all been very exciting and I’m looking forward to everything that’s to come. My work is right across the street from The Original Farmer’s Market and the Beverly Grove  outdoor mall, which is a great location to explore!

On Wednesday evening, to celebrate my new job, Conner and I went to Milk Bar which is LA’s hottest new desert spot on Melrose created by renowned pastry Chef Christine Tosi. We tried the “cereal milk soft serve,” pumpkin dulce de leche truffles, and their famous “crack pie.” It was pretty rich, and very sweet.

Thursday morning my boss brought donuts into the office for us from fōnuts  which is a “healthy” donut shop by the Beverly Grove (I’m not sure how healthy they are, they’re baked instead of fried I guess but I don’t EVEN CARE BECAUSE THEY’RE DELICIOUS) and all 12 of the dozen were gone basically instantly.


Thursday Evening I went to the LA Theta alumni book club and we made bags for the homeless in DTLA on skid row for Theta’s annual National Day of Service. We put toothbrushes, shampoo’s, soap, tampons, socks, and many other toiletries in the bags to donate. I was glad to be able to be a part of such a good cause!

Friday was the end of my first ever workweek (wow!) and it was celebrated with champagne and margaritas at Mariasol on the end of the Santa Monica pier! We met with Conner’s mother and grandmother for a beautiful sunset view by the ocean. 

Saturday afternoon we went to the Cal Poly Los Angeles alumni meetup at the El Segundo Brewing Company! I had the vanilla stout and it was pretty good. It was fun to reconnect and network with some LA Cal Poly alumni out here in Los Angeles. 

Sunday morning I went to brunch with my friend Monique at The Strand House in Manhattan beach and it was GORGEOUS. The weather was perfect. The view of the ocean and the Manhattan beach pier was incredible, and the huckleberry and mascarpone stuffed french toast was very yummy. 

BIG WEEK of my first big girl job! I’m very much looking forward to learning and growing and continuing my journey of becoming an adult as I’m finally given the chance to be a career woman 😉 

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