Week 13/14: The O’Briens + Conner take The World Series in LA, Halloween Shenanigans in West Hollywood, and the Fall Colors of Oak Glen

Week 13: O’Brien fam +Conner takes the World Series 

Monday I kept up at learning in my new job, and decorating my desk 🙂 I have a pumpkin scented candle (because even though it’s 80 here in LA it IS still Fall!), fresh flowers, mini pumpkin and travel magazines to go along with my laptop/computer combo.


Tuesday I walked to the Grove and Farmers’ Market for lunch for the first time! It’s huge, and I really enjoyed exploring all the fancy shops it has. There’s even a trolly to take tourists all around this outdoor mall since it’s so big. The main fountain area is starting to get decorated for Christmas… a little early? Maybe, but I guess it’s never too early for holiday spirit!

Wednesday I tried out a new yoga studio in Hollywood before work called “Wanderlust.” It’s a pretty famous studio/cafe actually, and goes along with the yoga festival Wanderlust. I was glad I got to try class there because it was such a magical experience. The sun rose behind the mountains and as we finished up the class the teacher opened up the balcony/patio to let in the fresh morning air.


Thursday there was a tequila tasting event to end the day, at my work! It was fun to meet people around the office and try out “good” tequila which was apparently much better quality than I was used to drinking in college? 😉


Friday there was a “Day of the Dead” celebration event at Fig at 7th which is the outdoor mall plaza right next to out apartment complex. There was face painting, traditional food and drink and more tequila tasting! Conner and I split a margarita.

Saturday morning Conner and I went to Blue Butterfly Coffee Company in El Segundo while we waited for Shane to land at LAX nearby, because my family was visiting for the Red Sox vs. Dodgers World Series game!! Blue Butterfly was so cute and I actually really liked walking around downtown El Segundo.

Saturday night we went to watch the Red Sox beat the Dodgers in World Series game 4! It was an amazing experience to see the team I grew up with in my Massachusetts home, win a world series game with my family in my new home. Sorry, Dodgers. But not really

Sunday my family and I went to Smorgasburg in the Arts District downtown! My mom really loved her iced tea from The Base and I liked sampling all of the different kinds of unique foods.


Week 14: Halloween and Fall Adventures in Oak Glen

On Monday I visited the Farmers’ Market part of the “Original Famers’ Market” complex with the Grove across the street from my work! I got a fresh asian pear and it was delicious. There is so much fresh produce and yummy new fruits to try.

Tuesday I went out to dinner and drinks with one of my best friend from high school Victoria! We went to Mixology 101 in the Grove and I got the “Tropical Butterfly” cocktail. The sunset was beautiful to watch from their outdoor patio.

Wednesday was HALLOWEEN!! Conner and I dressed up as Jenny and Forrest from Forrest Gump. At work, we had a party with pizza, drinks, and one of my coworkers made “worms and dirt” pudding. That evening Conner Victoria and I went to the Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood and it was INSANE. The costumes were amazing and the people were crazy. We had a lot of fun.

Thursday I enjoyed my lunch break outside reading my new book “The Happiness Project.” It’s been a good read so far, and it’s taught me a lot about myself in terms of what makes me happy. I recommend taking a look at it! I also enjoyed watching the sunset from the outdoor patio at work… even though it’s sad it’s getting dark out so much sooner now. 🙁


Friday after work Conner and I went to Karl Strauss Brewing Co in downtown LA and shared a flight of stouts. The “peanut butter cup porter” was my favorite, but I also liked the chocolate porter and the “wreck alley” imperial coffee stout.

Saturday afternoon Conner and I went to Oak Glen, a village about 1.5 hours East of Los Angeles up in the mountains where the weather had changed enough to change the colors of the leaves! There was cider, apple picking, and colonial activities at our first stop: Riley’s Farm.

We also went to Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho and did hard apple cider tasting, ultimately buying the berry infused selection. This place was amazing, it had every apple product imaginable and they let us watch them make the hard cider. The caramel covered apples had what looked like a whole pound of M&M’s on them, and the apple butter was one of the best things I’ve tasted in a while! I also loved their field of sunflowers, my favorite flowers  😉

Sunday I had my last shift at the cycling studio I’ve been working at since I moved here. Now that I have a career job I don’t have enough time to do both! But I’m glad that I can still be a part of the studio’s community by continuing to take classes there!


I also handmade a bunch of necklaces which will be available on my Etsy site soon.

Also, reach out to me if you’re interested in buying anything before I officially put them up on the site, or if you’d like a custom order of anything at all on my shop and we can work out a price! I have a coupon code for the Holiday Season I’ld be happy to give you if you reach out 🙂

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