Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar, Fairfax


“Here, your creativity won’t just run wild- it’ll jump up and down and do the running man.”

You’ve probably heard of the eclectic-minded baker Christina Tosi, founder of the desserts program at Momofuku and creator of Milk Bar- and if you haven’t, well then let me get you some of her legendary cereal milk soft serve or Milk Bar Pie (formerly known as “crack pie”) to munch on while you read about the bi-coastal expansion of her cross-country empire.

The Milk Bar Los Angeles flagship shop opened in September of 2018, and is located on Melrose in the Fairfax district. The shop features a glass windowed commissary kitchen which serves as the company’s home for all West Coast operations- from cookies to wedding cakes- and gives guests the opportunity to view the baking magic firsthand.


Milk Bar also offers a variety of hands-on baking classes including a birthday cake baking class, milk bar pie class, chocolate caramel pretzel cake class, and more. The entire experience of visiting and appreciating each drop of butter and bit of sugar is “not your average cookie.”

Cereal Milk Soft Serve in Classic Los Angeles Instagrammable form

What I especially appreciate about the concept of Milk Bar and Chef Christina Tosi’s mission is how the recipes for her most coveted creations are available on the Milk Bar website for fans of her baked to make themselves even if they’re not lucky enough to be near one of the bakery locations.


There are no “secret formulas” or mystery ingredients- each baked good comes with a genuine story behind its origin.  From Compost Cookies® also known as “garbage cookies” or “kitchen sink cookies” because of the infamous amount of hodgepodge mix-ins, or Tosi’s favorite creation herself the “B’Day Truffles” spawned entirely from leftover bits and pieces of cake- you won’t get enough buttery goodness.


Milk bar is located at 7150 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA and is open from Sunday -Thursday 10am – 12am, Friday- Saturday 10am-1am. 

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