The Suite Life: The Inn at Newport Ranch, Fort Bragg, CA

Before The Inn at Newport Ranch, there was just “Newport” — a small town that popped up around a logging community way back in 1865. When the industry faced a downturn, Newport’s inhabitants left.

Farmers soon took their place and built a number of buildings on this abandoned land. One of those buildings was a two-story house — and today, more than 100 years later, the bones of this old farm house stand as the core of this newly-constructed luxury boutique Inn.

This quaint but majestic CABBI property sits along the California’s North Coast on Highway 1, encompassing seven different microclimates across its 2,000 acres of land. Here, visitors will encounter 1.5 miles of rugged coastline and 20-plus miles of trails to explore in addition to the beautiful, historic inn.

It’s truly an immersive, spiritual nature experience — and it’s the perfect escape from the chaos of modern life. Here, visitors can truly disconnect and soak up the moody, misty and peaceful scenery of California’s Northern shores.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Outside the inn, there are hundreds of old-growth redwoods, dozens of one-ton stones, and one steaming hot tub perched on top of a historic water tower. All of this blends perfectly into the wild, oceanic scenery seamlessly —making the northern Fort Bragg outpost as stunning as it is intimately secluded.

There are no TVs in any of the ten guest rooms. Instead, you’ll find yourself housed in a modern, cathedral-ceilinged room with just the breathtaking sights of the sea. Beware you might not have any cell service — but there is WiFi on-site. Besides, it’s no matter — because the views you’ll see from this property are better than anything you could Google on your phone.

Just make sure you have directions plugged into your GPS and a sense of how to reach the ranch before you’re out of cell range.

Our Weekend in the “Captain’s Quarters”

We spent the weekend up in the “Captain’s Quarters,” which was an unbelievably scenic room (but no matter which room you stay in, you’ll have a fantastic stay). We woke up each morning surrounded by ocean scenery, with windows on each wall hosting panoramic views of the sea — which was spectacular.

I appreciated the little touches that were present in our room’s design and decor, as well — from the red and green lights reminiscent of ocean signals on our enormous and comfortable bed, to the real life ship’s wheel that might have actually been used to turn a ship back in the day — it all felt very authentic.

The building itself is made from redwood trees, and it feels sturdy and historic, like stepping back in time, into a good story.

The bathroom was incredibly gorgeous too, very well updated and modern. We enjoyed amenities like a a sophisticated rain shower and a “his and hers” sink setup. We each had enough space to get ready before dinner in the evening in a room that was genuinely bigger than our entire apartment in Los Angeles…

What to Eat

The warm, generous hospitality of this B&B’s innkeepers rival the warm and cozy fireplace in the common room immediately upon walking inside. The team grows their own herbs and vegetables right on-site, and sources most of the meat locally — as well as the seafood and the wine.

Each morning, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked breakfast served from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. which includes a selection of pastries, seasonal fruit, hot coffee, and ranch specialties (when I was visiting, it was a “sourdough Belgian-style waffle” which was the perfect blend of sour and sweet).

Each evening there’s a happy hour which has traditionally been hosted outside, but when we were visiting it was held inside the cozy living and dining room space of the main lodge.

On one of the nights of your stay, you must opt in for the prix fixe dinner that the on-site team cooks each evening, using homegrown and local ingredients. It was seriously one of the freshest meals I’ve had in a very long time.

What to Do On-Site

There are a plethora of adventures to embark on right on the property itself. From a range of hiking and biking trails, to exploring the many benches that are perched at various seaside points across the coastline, you’ll never run out of outdoor activities to do while visiting, no matter the season. You’ll most likely even spot some of the local wildlife. There are whales, birds of prey, livestock and more.

There are also horseback riding tours led by local adventure guides, suitable for equestrian lovers of all ages and skill levels.

You can even choose to hop aboard a UTV tour which is led by a local expert who will take you throughout the property to explore the diverse microclimates from summit to sea.

During this tour, I had the opportunity to eat berries picked right off the bush and taste foraged foods from the earth that our guide grew up eating and exploring (he stated that you’d have to “try pretty hard to starve” in this forest, as there are so many edible plants, berries, and wildlife options to catch, pick and eat).

Nearby Towns of Fort Bragg and Mendocino

If you’re looking to explore off-site, the inn is located about 20 minutes north of the town of Fort Bragg and 35 minutes north of Mendocino.

Here, you’ll encounter attractions such as the legendary Glass Beach (please don’t take the sea glass), the beautiful Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, and the iconic Russian Gulch State Park which hosts a variety of hiking opportunities, with a range of difficulty levels amongst its towering coastal redwood trees.

A Relaxing Escape from Reality

But seriously, it’s not even necessary to head off the property during your visit because there’s just so much to do, on-site!

It felt like a simpler, more laid back way of living and it was such a fantastic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It was a nice feeling to immerse myself in the peaceful tranquility of this NorCal escape, which is accessible to both those who seek solitude, for a weekend away (or even longer, if you’d like…).


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